How to get access to IITG Alumni Email Account?

In order to get access to your IITG Alumni email account or getting help for setting/re-setting password, please write to IITG Mail Admin and copy to Assistant Registrar (IITG AAER office). Their emails are mentioned below.

To: mailadmin@iitg.ac.in
CC: hosaa@iitg.ac.in

How to get IITG Alumni card?

Alumni looking for an Alumni card should send an email to Karishma Rubab (Junior Assistant, Alumni Affairs and External Relations) and copy to Alumni Office as per the details mentioned below.

To: karishma.rubab@iitg.ac.in
CC: alumnioff@iitg.ac.in

How to book IITG Guest House?

Please follow the instructions on this page. http://www.iitg.ac.in/aa/pages/alumni_services.html