Startup Showcase

IITG Startup Showcase Platform

This is a platform which provides various ways to budding startups by IITG Alumni  to showcase their startup work. Its an initiative by IITGAA to help our alumni co-founders market their startup among IITG fraternity and grow quickly.

List Your Startup

List your startup provides a way to publicize your startup by listing brief details of your startup on our newly launched page specifically to showcase all the startups by IITG Alumni. As of now we have listed a few startups on this page and seek your help in providing us with details of your startup to list more startups on the page.

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Showcase in Alumni Events

Showcase in  Alumni Events is way by which IITG Alumni can showcase their startup and products in the events conducted by IITGAA or events conducted in partnership with Alumni Association of other IITs or IITACB. This gives a chance to our alumni to promote their startup among IIT fraternity and also attract young talent to grow their startup faster.

Sorry there are no events scheduled at present. Once any event is announced, we will activate registration for startup showcase in the event.